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He could feel the pump of his enormous pecs, as he forced out the last few reps on the cables. He watched his muscles move in the mirror, every vein straining to break through his paper-thin skin, every individual muscle in his pecs and shoulders ripped to shreds.

Fuck he loved how hot he looked! And being the biggest guy in the gym, he knew that half the guys there were watching, most surreptitiously, some blatantly. He didn't care either way. All he knew was that he was hot and that, if someone struck his fancy, it would require very little effort to pick them up, take them home and fuck them. He could have them begging if he wanted, and sometimes he enjoyed watching that kind of degradation before he shoved his huge dick up their asses.

He set the handles to the pulleys down and flexed his pecs. His tank top, which wasn't much more than a rag that got around the "shirts always" rule at the gym, could barely contain the massive pecs and shoulders he was exhibiting. From behind, he looked like a Mack Truck he was so broad, tapering to a tiny waste and a butt that every Top in the gym wished they could handle. But he was clearly the one to be in control and on top.

"Hey Matt, you're looking pretty fuckin' hot today!". It was his buddy Tony, who was just walking buy. Tony was no slouch in the body department himself and Matt had enjoyed his company in the past, but Matt liked variety in his life, so it hadn't lasted too long.

"Fuckin' right man. I want another inch within a month-and-a-half!", replied Matt as he struck a most-muscular pose.

"We're going to have to widen the doors to the gym soon", jested Tony.

"Well, they're probably going to have to add weight to most of the fuckin' machines first", bragged Matt. They both laughed.

Matt headed towards to the pec dec, to finish off his chest workout. He set the pin to the heaviest weight and pumped out ten, holding the pads together at peak contraction. The crevice between his pecs was unbelievable. He could probably crush fingers between them, he thought, as he held it a second longer.

As he set the weight down, a smaller guy across the gym caught his eye. He wasn't bad looking, but not Matt's normal type. He was hard-bodied, but pretty small. Clearly a natural trainer, Matt thought.

He turned back to the pec dec for a second set and found himself involuntarily looking for the little man. When he found him, he realized that piercing blue eyes were burning into him. He wanted to look away, but something made him keep looking. Then the guy smiled and looked away.

As he finished his set, he realized that he was starting to get hard. He was wearing spandex shorts today, showing ample dick for anyone who dared look. He would occasionally let it get a little hard when he was training, if he was working someone and wanted to really get them hot and bothered, but he usually controlled it. This time, he was getting hard and he couldn't seem to get control.

He looked around again for the blue eyes and when he found them, the guy winked at him. His dick started to soften again, so he felt a little better and he began his final set. When he finished, he arranged his dick back in his shorts and headed towards the shower. He walked by Tony as he left and yelled out: "I'm going to hit the showers and then go home. Meet me at 7:00 at the Natural Food restaurant?" It was a statement more than a question.

"Sure - but I'll call you at 6:30 to make sure we're still on", replied Tony, who hadn't missed the action at the pec dec. He'd been stood up in the past because Tony was ploughing someone he'd picked up at the gym.

"I'll be there" announced Matt, a little annoyed.

In the locker room, he pulled his tank top off over his huge shoulders and turned towards the mirror, flexing his six-pack as he turned.


Matt looked up and saw the blue-eyed guy standing next to him. He couldn't break his gaze with the blue eyes. They seemed incredibly deep and very attractive. The blue-eyes were attached to a nice face and blond hair and the body was nice and tight, but not big enough for Matt.

Matt's dick began to stir again.

"I kind of like you, big man. What's your name"

"Matt", he replied, despite himself. He really wanted to tell this guy to fuck off, but he somehow didn't have the ability to do it. He was getting a little frustrated.

"I'm Dave" said the blue-eyed guy. "I like how your dick fills your shorts as hit hardens. I like seeing the head through the spandex. Looks like you've got everything in proportion - I like that".

Matt's dick was becoming uncomfortably hard and he wished he could take control and pound the little man, but he could not control anything.

Matt was still facing the mirror as Dave positioned himself behind him. "Do a double bicep pose", Dave whispered in his ear and Matt's arms shot up instantaneously. Dave ran his ands over them, then grabbed his pecs. He ran one of his hands down to the spandex and grabbed his huge cock, now almost fully hard. Matt felt his knees grow weak.

"You're going to cum soon, but not here", Dave whispered in his ear. "Take your shower and dress and I'll see you by your truck".

Matt felt free again as Dave left the room. Shaken for the first time in years, Matt wasn't quite sure what had happened. Fortunately, no one had wandered into that part of the changing rooms as all this had taken place. Not that Matt could have done anything about it. What the fuck is going on, he thought, as he dropped his shorts. His cock was soft again and he walked into the shower area and began to hose down. He let the warm water cascade down his huge body, over his pecs, down his hard, veined abs and over his dick and quads. As he stood there, another guy came into the shower room and took the shower across from him. Matt noticed that he was glancing at him occasionally and he was happy to be back in control. He turned to face the new guy and began to shampoo his hair, making sure that his 21" guns flexed as he rubbed the shampoo in. The new guy began to spring a boner and Matt smiled as he turned off the water and left the shower area. Well that'll give him something to fantasize about tonight, he thought as he walked away.

He toweled down his massive frame, watching himself in the mirror as he did so. Fuck I'm hot, he thought. His mind wandered to what had just happened. Is that guy Dave going to be out there when I go out? He pulled on his jeans, without any underwear, and he stretched a T-shirt over his colossal shoulders and back. His arms strained at the elastic on the sleeves and the veins pumped up bigger under the restriction. He stuffed his stuff into his bag and left the gym, winking at his buddy behind the counter as he left.

As he scanned the parking lot, his eyes seemed drawn to the Dave's and he got that weird feeling in the pit of his stomach again. Fuck, he's here. He thought. "Hey Matt, hurry up" yelled Dave. "It's hot out here".

Matt unlocked the truck and they both climbed in. "Drive home, Matt", Dave pronounced, and Matt started the drive home.

"Bet you're wondering what's going on, eh Matt?" Dave said, as they left the parking lot.

"I sure do", replied Matt.

"Well, you see, I have this power. I am able to make people do whatever I want. It doesn't seem to work on everyone, but every now and then I can get into someone's head and have my way. When I saw you at the gym tonight, I decided to give it a try and you responded beautifully. I'm leaving with the hottest guy in the gym, and I'm in control. This is really hot. I'm really looking forward to our evening, Matt".

"By the way, Matt, I've learned that there is a major advantage for you in this arrangement. You are going to have more pleasure when I fuck you than you have ever had in your life. In fact, my experience is that once you've had sex with me, you are spoiled for anyone else. You'll be begging me to fuck you even without me planting the suggestion. That's when it really becomes fun for me!"

Matt was scared to death. He had no idea what this meant and yet had no control to stop it. Dave had reached over and begun to run his hand up and down Matt's massive thighs, each time stopping to feel his dick. Next thing he knew, his dick began to harden in his jeans, pressing up against his right thigh.

"Let's get this organized before it gets to big", said Dave in a matter of fact way, as he pulled Matt's dick up from his leg and aimed it towards his abs. Soon enough it was peeking out of the top of his jeans. Dave bent over and licked the head and Matt thought he was going to shoot right then. The car swerved ad Dave stopped. "Guess I had better wait. Don't want to cause an accident, now do we?".

They pulled into Matt's parking space and climbed out of the cab. Matt opened the door to his apartment and they walked in. Dave was totally amused by the place. Canisters of protein powder, egg whites, Creatine and who knows what else were on every space in the kitchen they had just entered. Through the port-hole into the living room he could see posters and photos of bodybuilders from magazines and photos of Matt at various competitions, either solo or with other guys. They walked into the living room and a weight bench sat in the corner. It wasn't a cheap home version, but a sturdy gym model with Olympic weights. One wall was entirely covered with mirrors. A perfect narcissist's lair, thought Dave.

He turned to Matt, who had stopped as he walked into the living room.

"Go put on a posing strap. And bring out some of your posing oil when you come back!" Dave ordered. Matt could only do as he was told and he disappeared into the bedroom. Three minutes later he reappeared, sporting a pair of very skimp black posing trunks, stuffed as full as they could be with his huge, soft dick. Any smaller, and his dick would have been exposed. He handed the oil to Dave.

"Double biceps pose, Matt". His 21" arms flexed towards the mirror and Dave was in awe. He flipped the lid on the bottle of oil and poured some into his hands. He reached up to Matt's huge arms and he began to rub the oil over the marble-like arms. You could make out each of the two muscles that composed the bicep. Dave started to get hard.

"Most Muscular pose, Matt". His arms swung down in front and he flexed his pecs and abs. Dave came around front and rubbed oil up and down his huge tits, then through the canyons of his abs. Fuck, Dave was having fun. This guy was fucking awesome. Dave pulled his own shirt off and removed his shorts. His dick was pushing hard at the cotton of his Calvin's and a wet spot had appeared. His tight body was most people's fantasy, but it was a lot smaller than Matt. More like a gymnast.

"Let's do the legs now", he ordered. As Matt flexed each quad, Dave continued to apply the oil Once done, Dave pulled off his underwear and began to stroke his dick. Matt was shocked by the size. Matt had never met anyone with a dick bigger than his, but here was a little blond-haired, blue-eyed, hard-bodied guy with a dick that would stop even the most experienced bottom in his tracks. Dave backed into an armchair and continued to stroke his enormous dick. Matt realized that he too was now hard as a rock and his posing trunks were totally inadequate.

"Get rid of the trunks and start posing for me, you fuck" Matt ripped them off and began to pose. He could see himself in the mirror and was awed by how hot he looked. His huge dick appeared even bigger than normal and it stood up straight from his huge nuts. His muscles seemed more defined than in any of the competitions he had done and he wandered what all this meant.

Dave was totally into it and was stroking his enormous hard-on with both hands. After a few minutes, he told Matt to come suck his cock. Matt's head was trying to fight, but he was totally impotent and did as he was told. Dave was in control. Matt got on his knees and tried to get the head of Dave's cock in his mouth. Dave was still pumping his cock with both hands as Matt sucked on the enormous head. Matt's dick ached, he was so turned on. His nuts bounced between his two massive thighs and he wanted nothing more than to cum.

"Stand up for a second", Dave ordered. "Turn the chair to face the mirror". Matt lifted the armchair up effortlessly and turned it to face the mirror. Dave sat down and moved his ass forward so his dick was straight up. "Come sit on my dick, Big Matt", Dave ordered.

Matt was horrified. He had tried being fucked once, but did not enjoy it. He loved being the one in control. He loved shoving his huge cock up some stud's tight hole, watching him squirm but take it like a man because he was so turned on to be with Matt. This was not something he wanted to do. But he was unable to do anything. Dave was in control.

Matt turned and faced the mirror, his huge dick at full attention, at least an inch or two longer than normal and probably an inch bigger around. Fuck, he thought, Will this be a last effect? "Yes", answered Dave, able to read his thoughts.

Matt began to impale himself on Dave's huge member. Slowly, the pain crept into his brain. "Fuck, fuck, FUCK it hurts", he yelled out. "Yeah, man, this is so fucking hot" retorted Dave. "Keep pushing back you fucking awesome stud". Matt pushed back and Dave could finally reach around and take hold of Matt's cock. Matt suddenly felt pleasure, as Dave worked his cock, pleasure like he had never felt before. It combined with the pain to create a whole new sensation, one which made Matt even hornier, if that was possible.

He pushed further back and soon discovered that Dave was all the way in. He began to use his massive thighs to pump Dave's cock. As he pulled almost off Dave's cock, every muscle in his thigh flexed. Dave began to groan as did Matt. Matt could not believe the pleasure he was feeling. He was totally fucking into it. This was too awesome for words. He felt Dave begin to tense up and, as he did he pulled Matt towards him. Simultaneously, he could feel Dave begin to shoot his load as his began to fire out of his dick. It fired so hard, he had to fight not to put his whole weight back on Dave. His load flew across the room, hitting the mirrors 10 feet away. He came and he came and he didn't want it to stop. It was too hot for words.

As the last drop fired out of his cock, he slowly leaned forward and began to pull himself off of Dave. As soon as he was free, he pulled Dave on top of him and began to kiss him deeply. Fuck, he realized, I'm back in control. I'm kissing this guy and I don't want to let him go. Dave responded, kissing him, pushing his tongue in as far as he could go, rubbing his hands up and down the massive body under his tight package.

"Can you spend the night", Matt inquired.

"Bet we could probably arrange something a little more permanent", responded Dave, as they both began to get hard again.

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